Aerial Videography & Photography

Gryffe Studios is the UK’s preeminent video production specialists providing high quality, engaging video content for our client since 2012. We specialise in creating breath taking aerial videography and photography that will capture the viewers’ senses and enable them to become one with the video. Imagine yourself flying alongside one of our drones as the camera captures every detail and every angle of the land below. Scratch that, our drones fly very high and if you look down, well, it might not be a good idea to imagine that!

Our experienced team uses state of the art remote controlled drones capable of shooting video in ultra-high definition. This produces cinematic videos and images that are thrilling, engaging and entertaining while promoting your brand or product line.

Gryffe Studios offers our exclusive aerial filming service to a wide range of UK businesses and organisations as well as foreign corporations interested in entering the UK market. Combined with our ground based filming services, our aerial drone video production can be the market edge your company needs for success. Make a difference in your marketing campaign by avoiding copycat video content or boring content that leaves your customers wondering what they just watched.

As a locally owned and operated independent video production company, we are CAA certified in aerial videography and aerial photography with a Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) ensuring that Gryffe Studios provides the highest standards in safety and operation. Our drones and equipment are fully insured and we have public liability and indemnity cover to £5m.

Aerial Footage Costs

Gryffe Studios provides accurate and competitive quotes based on every client’s specific project needs. To discuss our pricing or to receive a quote for your next project, contact us and let a Gryffe Studios representative assist you today. We look forward to working with you and helping create your corporate or brand identity through our innovative aerial video production services.

Just get in touch to discuss your project or complete our aerial video & photo enquiry form.

Factors which may affect the quotation

  • Location
  • Time of Year
  • Weather Conditions
  • Pre-Site Visits
  • CAA / Emergency Services / Local Authority approval

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