3D illustration and animation has a wide variety of uses. Animation can be used with your target audience in to make them laugh or capture their emotions in fun and appealing way. It’s also an awesome way to get your message across to the viewer without the need for a voice over or someone speaking direct to camera.

Whether you’re looking for motion graphics to make an impact at a show or exhibition, 3Dcharacter animation for education and training, or just an explainer video to show off your product launch, our dedicated team have the skills to transform the smallest of ideas into an eye catching and colourful animation.

3d Character Animation

The Mr Z animation was produced as part of a competition for Adobe. Our short sequence was put together with a 11 other animations produced by various design agencies throughout the UK. The resulting video being titled ‘A Day In The Life Of Mr Z’. Which was showcased at the BFi in London.

All the 3D animation was produced inhouse using Lightwave.

Interactive Brochure

Porcelanosa used interactive brochures worldwide to show off their collections. These can be used in PDF form or added to DVD or USB

3d Character Animation

3d Animation