And what it can do for your social media calendar

This week we wanted to take a look at the world of hashtags. Why do we need them? How can they help our business? And do they really increase our presence?

Used correctly the answer is yes and we can plan our social media calendars better by using days of the week #hashtags to attract more followers and create more consistency across our social media posts. The 3 social media platforms that absolutely love a hashtag is Twitter, Instagram and Googlplus. Hashtags aren’t just hip they do actually increase your social media visibility and attract followers!

For business you have to be very picky with the hashtag groups you want to be seen with. Be mindful of other stuff being posted to that particular hashtag – it may not always be “business appropriate”. There are various types of hashtags, including locations-based hashtags, industry hashtags, custom business hashtags and of course daily hashtags which is what we have chosen to share our top tips on!


Monday is a great day to show a personal side to your business with lighthearted posts while everyone settled back into work from the weekend

A good day for your first business posts of the week. Promotion, showing off recent work and highlighting how your service can benefit your customers

Half way through the week and also known as hump day! A good time for posts to keep your followers motivated. What are you doing in your industry to make a difference? What mantra are you following? Wednesday is a great motivational day so keep the business cogs turning with images and posts about your business.

The day of Business gratitude – anything that shows you are grateful for what you do every day. Are you at any meetings or events? Success stories from you or your clients.

Ah that Friday feeling – in the world of business there’s nothing quite like winding down on a Friday, looking back at your achievements for the week and looking forward to the weekend! Great day to reflect on the week post about your achievements, flashback to previous achievements, show your funny side and help lead your followers into a relaxing weekend.


#MotivationMonday or #MondayMotivation Start the week on an upbeat note with a motivational picture quote.

#MondayFunday Share something fun about you or your business or the team doing something funny!

#MusicMonday People love to know what kind of music you (or your team) favor, and to share theirs. Or you could feature an upcoming concert, or one you attended over the weekend.

#ManicMonday What’s on your plate this week? Be sure to ask your followers about their week ahead, too.

#MarketingMonday – We like this one!

#TransformationTuesday or #tt Show how your product or service has transformed customers or businesses. A great day for a testimonial!

#TipTuesday Perfect for any business! Share your expertise with your followers in a tip graphic.

#TravelTuesday When it fits, show where your business (or pleasure) has sent you lately.

#TakeMeBackTuesday or #TimehopTuesday Your first nostalgia tag of the week. Share a vintage photo of your business or industry.

#TechTuesday – Reveal new gadgets you’re using for your business, or offer tech tips

#HumpDay Celebrate what you’ve accomplished already this week, and ask your followers to join in so you can cheer them on.

#WisdomWednesday – Share wise words of advice for your followers related to your industry

#ThursdayThoughts Got a positive thought for Thursday? Share it in a picture quote!

#Thursdate Not just for midweek dates, you can post your business meetings and events.   Or can be adapted to day

#FridayFunday Post a meme, or something fun, as people slide into weekend mode.

#FridayReads Share a blog post, or business-related book you’re reading.

There are currently more than 100 million users on Instagram alone and your way to reach them……hashtags! Flex you social media muscles with a good work out and effective hashtags that can earn you more followers, more business and more presence. Happy tagging!

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