This list can go on and on and on but the question is what exactly is it you want to achieve for your business? Marketing should be one of most used tools in your business toolkit. It is your ‘vehicle’ transporting you to your next potential customer. It shows off your best assets, keeps you in the eye of your competitors and most of all get your name and brand out there among the noise of the world! Gryffe Studios pride themselves on creating fantastic promotional videos as part of a company’s marketing strategy and we believe this works extremely well within the Hospitality industry. Below you will find our top 10 list of marketing tips.

1. Take people on a tour of your hotel

Number 1 for us as we are very passionate about the service we offer and truly believe it benefits a business in so many ways. Having an access all areas video produced for your Hotel will give potential customers a real feel for your facilities, rooms, atmosphere, staff, and food etc – all the important things that they look out for. You can capture an event taking place, a wedding perhaps or your stunning restaurant dishes being served and enjoyed by many happy guests. The opportunity is endless.

2. Make sure your hotel shows up in local search results

In addition to having a video embedded on your website which naturally benefits your SEO there are other steps that can be taken – Make sure your business is listed on as many directory listings as possible. Google loves details so makes sure your business address and contact number etc is uniformed and correct throughout your website and listings.

3. Social media and content marketing

Listen and respond to social media posts. In this day and age this is the quickest way to communicate with your potential revenue. Post interesting, relevant content that your followers can enjoy and in turn increase your presence.

4. Keep an up to date blog to increase website traffic

Having an up-to-date blog not only gives you better content to post but followers will be more inclined to keep up to date with what you are doing,. It is also a free promotional tool as you can push your various facilities via your website. If you take the time to think about your key words it will also make sure your name appears more in online search engine results.

5. Show off your foodie side

We are naturally more attracted to a visual image than words. So show off your best dishes and appeal to peoples desires by having professional images of the meals on the plates. Nothing will capture more attention in social media than a picture and they really can speak a thousand words. All of the best known hotels across the globe cash in on this.

6. Make your website ‘mobile friendly’

Customers like convenience and if they have to spend too much time on your booking process chances are they will take their custom elsewhere. Avoid this by ensuring your website is optimised for mobile devices. Have features such as checking availability, booking add ons and even live chat with the hotel. Not only will this increase your ratings but also make you more visible in search results.

7. Give your website the ‘WOW’ factor

Your website is your shop window. It is the first thing that people see especially in the hotel industry as most people now use the internet to search for where they will stay. A user friendly website is a great foundation for your marketing strategy and allows you to always look your Sunday best! Spread the right impression of your property. View our Web Design services

8. Branding – brochures, menus, flyers, roller banners

Branding is so important for all industries but as the hotel industry is so heavily judged on appearance it is crucial to get the basics right. Make sure your marketing materials are well branded and show consistency. Even down to having specially adapted logos for your social media. Professional Graphic Design and Printing services should always be used for these items. This is your identity!

9. Audience

Before you make a move with any marketing ensure you identify your target audience. Where do they get their information from? As part of your check-in ask them! Do they sue the internet? Do they read a newspaper? What social media are they on? Monitor theses results very closely as they will tell you how to reach your audience. Get to know them and this will help you build it.

10. The ‘pressing’ matter

Make sure the press are well informed of what you’re doing and when. Invite them to events, invite travel writers from the national newspapers to have a stay and eat in the restaurant. Great for reviews and also great to get a write up. Aim for that one spectacular article to really get you on the map. When you have your premier video produced what better excuse to welcome them with open arms and show them your video whilst sipping a glass of your finest wine.

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