Why using video will boost your business

Video is fast becoming one of the most popular communication tools for businesses. Here are just seven reasons why video can improve the way you do business.

  1. Video increases sales
    It’s proven that video keeps people on your site at least two minutes longer. This increased engagement leads to more sales and warmer prospects. Video can showcase products or services in a way pictures and text cannot.
  2. Google likes video
    Did you know that Google owns YouTube? Well it’s no surprise they have a soft spot for sites which have video content, meaning a YouTube link on your site gives you SEO a boost. Hooray!
  3. Facebook likes video too
    Ok, lots of places like video, but Facebook really likes it. However in true Facebook style, they prefer you to upload and share directly with them – not post a link. They are a cheeky bunch, those Facebookers. As anyone with a Facebook business page knows, it’s frustrating how few of your likers see your posts. But uploading a video will increase your organic reach. Double hooray!
  4. People share video
    Heard the phrase ‘going viral’? This does not mean catching a cold. It’s when a video gets shared thousands of times and has millions of views. The increase in viral videos is largely attributed to the mobile generation. 50% of YouTube videos are viewed on a mobile device which means people are accessing video on the go, in their house, in the office. And a large part of the increased popularity of video is the lazy factor – it’s so easy to watch, minimal effort is required. It’s also so easy to share.
  5. Gives your business a personality
    People like to do business with people they like. Use video to showcase your amazing team. Video can convey your energy in a way pictures can’t.
  6. Videos saves valuable time
    Whether it’s a product or a service you offer, video means that clients who schedule meetings or phonecalls with you are already ‘warm’ prospects, which increases your conversion rate and saves you time. And that time you save can be spent on other prospects. Or in the pub.
  7. There’s a video for that
    Unsure how to assemble your flat pack furniture? Looking for a brownie recipe? Wanting to programme a computer? Wondering how to pencil in your eyebrows? There is literally a video for EVERYTHING on YouTube. In fact, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google which is mind-boggling. There is literally nothing that wouldn’t make a good subject for a video.