Five Facebook for Business Tips

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It can be a bit overwhelming, all this social media stuff between Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat. So overwhelming, in fact, that you may decide not to spend any time on it. This would be a mistake. But fear not, to help you navigate the choppy waters of digital marketing, we’ve put together our top tips for making the most out of Facebook for business.

1. Dedicate time to it. Whether that’s your time, one of your employee’s time or you outsource to a specialist, don’t make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t matter. 20 minutes a day is all it can take to improve awareness and generate more sales leads.

2. Consistency Is Key. Try and post as often as you can. A content calendar can help you prepare.

3. Consider your content. People switch off at a relentless sales pitch. Your content should be magazine style: a balance of information, tips, good links to blogs or websites, the occasional funny or human interest piece and some sales. People flick through their newsfeed at such speed, your posts need to grab them and be of interest. How will your posts benefit them?

4. Look the part. Make sure your page design and profile pic represents your business, ideally a logo works best. Also, take into account how your page is viewed on both desktop and mobile.

5. Allocate a budget for advertising. Unfortunately, the way Facebook’s algorithms work means that only a small percentage of your likers will ever get to see your posts. The only way to improve your views is to either boost important posts or make an advertising campaign, using Campaigns Manager. Done successfully with the right content, speculating a small amount will result in an accumulation of orders/profits.

We know, there’s a lot to take in and these top tips only really scratch the surface. If you’d like to learn more about how to give your business a Facebook boost, then get in touch: We make social media a cup of tea.