Why your business needs a promotional video

We all know that video is hugely popular medium these days – you don’t need to look very far for the proof! Many people don’t realise, however, that online video isn’t just a tool for teens with GoPros to make themselves famous. As a business, you can harness the power of video, too. Here at Gryffe Studios, we might be a bit biased, but we really believe that promotional videos are a great way for businesses to market themselves. So, we’ve put together a list of the top reasons why your business really, really needs a promotional video.

1. It’s the easiest way to engage your audience

Let’s face the facts, we’re bombarded with a million and one messages, images, and advertisements every day when we’re surfing the world wide web. And, believe it or not, all this information takes time and brainpower to digest. Video is a great medium for capturing attention as there isn’t a lot of effort involved with sitting back and watching. It’s not as time consuming as reading text, and the effort is being done for you. For this reason, video has become one of the best ways to capture the attention of and engage with your audience.

Video Audience

2. Having a video will improve your ‘searchability’

Marketing has come a long way since the days of ‘traditional’ methods. In the modern world, to help your company get ahead you need to have a good online presence. Creating a promotional video and keeping it on your website can really help to improve your SEO.

Video SEO

3. You can make vital connections

There’s not a lot you can really convey in a line or two of text and a single image. With a video, however, you have time to really get your message across. You can give your viewers (A.K.A potential customers) a real insight into what you do, how you do it, and how your product and/or service can really benefit them.

Customer Satisfaction

4. It will give you a sales boost

If you’re not convinced yet, this final point will almost certainly do the trick! Did you know that including a video on your landing page can boost conversions by a whopping 80%? Well, it’s true, and now you know there’s absolutely no reason not to get in touch with us and start working on your promo video!